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Integrated microdevice with a windmill-like hole array for the clog-free, efficient and self-mixing enrichment of circulating tumor cells Li Hao 2022   
Convolutional Neural Network-based Automatic Classification for Incomplete Antibody Reaction Intensity in Solid Phase Anti-Human Globulin Test Image Wu Keqi 2022   
Non-doped and non-modified carbon dots with high quantum yield for the chemosensing of uric acid and living cell imaging Pang Xinpei 2022   
Multifrequency ultrasonic transducers based on dual vibration and harmonic mode Shao Weiwei 2022   
One-step generation and purification of cell-encapsulated hydrogel microsphere with an easily assembled microfluidic device Zhang Tao 2022   
Design of a rapid diagnostic model for bladder compliance based on real-time intravesical pressure monitoring system Ge Zicong 2022   
Optimization of Fresnel-zones-based Double Helix Point Spread Function and measurement of particle diffusion coefficient Li Hangfeng 2022   
An Improved Chirp Coded Excitation based on Compression Pulse Weighting Method in Endoscopic Ultrasound Imaging Wang Ning Hao 2021   
Automatic Anterior Chamber Angle Classification using Deep Learning System and Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography Images Li Wan Yue 2021   
Tissue self-attention network for the segmentation of optical coherence tomography image on esophagus Wang Cong 2021   
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