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Development of High Frequency Piezocomposite with Hexagonal Pillars via Cold Ablation Process Li Zhang Jian 2021   
Design of Micro-Bluetooth Motion Acquisition System Bao Ben Kun 2021   
Involvement of ABC transporters in the detoxification of non-substrate nanoparticles in lung and cervical cancer cells Yuan Tong Kuo 2021   
A Triple-Frequency Transducer for Endoscopic Imaging:Simulation Design and Experimental Verification Li Zhang Jian 2021   
Hsp16.3 of mycobacterium tuberculosis in exosomes as a biomarker of tuberculosis Huang Can 2021   
A single-sided magnet for deep-depth fat quantification Wang Ya 2021   
Automated Cone Cell Identification on Adaptive Optics Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope Images Based on TV-L1 Optical Flow Registration and K-Means Clustering Chen Yi Wei 2021   
Improving MRI-based analysis of brain structural changes in patients with hypertension via a privileged information learning algorithm Peng Bo 2021   
Novel pneumatically assisted atomization device for living cell delivery: application of sprayed mesenchymal stem cells for skin regeneration Zhang Li Xing 2021   
Analyzing brain structural differences among undergraduates with different grades of self-esteem using multiple anatomical brain network Peng Bo 2021   
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