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Guo Kai graduated from State Key Laboratory of Robotics and System, Harbin Institute of Technology. Now, he is an associate professor and a master supervisor working in Suzhou Institute of biomedical engineering technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Guo Kai is mainly engaged in the research of hand rehabilitation robot and intelligent robot system. He has published over 20 academic papers, he has applied more than 30 patents and 4 PCT patents. He was a leader guest editor of Advances in Mechanical Engineering, and had been reviewer in 6 journals such as Healthcare and Machine. He is also a senior member of China Society of mechanical engineering.


(1) Intelligent hand rehabilitation system: flexible hand rehabilitation robot and exoskeleton hand rehabilitation robot based on lasso transmission are studied. Develop intelligent hand rehabilitation system and software.

(2) Robot intelligent sensing system: research the intelligent sensing system of rehabilitation robot based on force tactile, EEG and EMG.

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